A Year-Round Organic Montessori School for children 8 weeks through 6 years

Montessori Infant Nido Environment is a high-quality Montessori school for infants and toddlers in the Blacksburg, Virginia area. The MINE mission is to provide a year-round organic Montessori school for children 8 weeks to 6 years, that is a nurturing, home-like educational environment wherein each child is encouraged and supported to do the important lifework of becoming a fully developed, whole person who is aware of individual, environment, and community responsibilities.

The "Nido" from the Italian word for "nest", is how Maria Montessori described the infant environment. At MINE, we strive to create classrooms that are home-like with lovely, natural wooden and cloth materials, child-sized wooden furniture, clean surfaces, organic cotton sheets and blankets, soft soothing music, and magnificent plants in order for children to feel safe, cared for, loved, and challenged in their ideal home away from home, their Nido.

The Montessori Infant Nido Environment nest encompasses infants, toddlers, young children, their families, and the broader community.

MINE Montessori sets itself apart with our Nutrition and Food Program, our Integrated Peace Curriculum, and our Green-Centered Philosophy and Initiatives. Please contact us if you have any questions about our school.